Kashan presents: Tabatabaei historic House, a dream of serenity

In the last post of Seirano blog, we introduced you Kashan’s amazement of architecture: Timcheh Amin-o-dowle. Also, We are sure you have already read our other post about Qamsar in Kashan, a heaven of rose gardens! and why should you visit it?

Today Seirano wants to introduce you another masterpiece in Kashan, Iran.
One of the most interesting tourist attractions that you should definitely not miss while traveling to the enchanting city of Kashan is the Tabatabaei Historic House. Tabatabaei’s house. Every single visitor is enthralled by daintiness and majestic of its mansion at first sight.

Tababaei Historic House, Kashan, Iran
A view of Tababaei Historic House

The Tabatabaei (Tabātabāei, Tabatabaee ) House is located in Alavi Street in the Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood in the historic structure of Kashan. The Tabatabaei house is considered to be a masterpiece of the art of old Iranian architecture and was commissioned in 1250 AH (the early 1880s) by Seyed Jafar Tabatabaei, a prosperous carpet merchant of that time.

Tabatabaei Historic House, Kashan, Iran
Tabatabaei Historic House _ Inside view

The architect, designer, and builder of this house, Ustad (master) Ali Maryam, was one of the prominent architects of Qajar period in Kashan, who by using the experiences of the past architects, has built the house for 10 years, based on his inventive genius and the power of his creativity and initiative.

Tababaei Historic House, Kashan, Iran
Tabatabaei Historic House Entrance alley

The Tabatabaei’s mansion has many delightful decorations, rooms, and doors with beautiful pillars.The Tabatabaei complex consists of 3 sections: the interior, the exterior
and the special section for the crew.

Tabatabaei historic house with a total area of 4,700 square meters has 40 rooms, 4 courtyards, 4 basements, 3 wind tower (wind catcher) and 2 channels of aqueducts. Thousands of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit the house each year and take on unforgettable memories to their city and country.

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